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Awh, apparently today is the six-year anniversary of when Teen Wolf first aired! Since it's the final season that's airing right now, I feel like I should have done something special. I was one of those fans who cut and ran immediately after 3a, but I'm still in the fandom. Kind of. (I read fic and I look at a lot of Holland Roden gifsets. Which is totally an important fannish activity.)

Remember this moment? I relate to Scott McCall in this moment.

(Can you believe that I was originally a Scott stan? Can you believe that I shipped Skittles? How did my type jump so far that Peter Hale is now my favorite character? Six years can apparently change a lot about a person's tastes.)

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Wait, I thought the final season already aired???
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I'll see what I can find out on the MTV website...I'm surprised I haven't seen any promotion for the upcoming season....